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Thinking of installing your own paver project?


We have all the tools and experience to help that do it yourself project go faster and with greater results. We can consult you and help you come up with a plan that will bring you the results you desire. We can prepare your work site, install an adequate base, and oversee your progress assuring things go smoothly for you. We can also return after you have installed your materials to facilitate your final compaction and even add a custom quilted design if you would like at a tremendous savings to you, but still allowing you to participate in your project to the extent you are capable and comfortable. This will allow you to not only create more of a savings for yourself, but also set your mind at ease with our experienced supervision to ensure a quality, and most enjoyable, worry free experience that will leave you and your guests smiling all summer long.


Enigneered and manufactured to have the minimum strength twice that of poured concrete, brick pavers provide long lasting durability. Design possibilities are endless given the seemingly endless selections of styles, textures, shapes, colors, sizes, patterns, and material combinations, making it simple to breath life into any landscape situation. Weather you are revitalizing old, tired landscape or creating the home of your dreams, let Masonry & More bring you the freedom of design.

First and most important is the material used to produce your paver. The two most common materials used are concrete and clay. The least common, but most durable and long lasting would be the granite stone or even an imitation of that material. Concrete and clay are used most commonly due to the affordability and the fact that they will last and look great for many years, adding priceless style to your landscape. On the other hand the granite stone or one of its replicas are usually quite expensive, and for very good reasons. One, they last virtually forever. Two, they are natural and have the beauty that other pavers are trying to imitate. The granite stone is by far the best paver you can acquire, though sometimes acquiring true granite stone (cobble stone) can be somewhat of a chore but you're effort and cost will be paid back to you many times over in durability and compliments.
Brick pavers can be installed in a broad variety of patterns however, The three most common patterns are the herringbone, offset (or running bond), which is much like the patterns on most brick homes, and the parquet pattern ( series of two bricks laid perpendicular to each other). There are several more patters quite commonly used. Many brands of concrete pavers are also manufactured in custom styles and patterns, such as circles and semitry. (please see styles and patterns below)"

Question: What is it that locks the pavers in place?

AnswerIn addition to tightly compacting the sub-base and base that the paver will be laid on. It is also important that after the bricks are laid to apply what is called sweeping sand and a final compaction. Sweeping sand is a fine sand material that is swept over the surface of the entire project and forced to completely fill the small voids around each brick. Now it is time for one final compaction that will lock the pavers tightly in place helping to seat them down firmly into the limestone base and settling the sweeping sand to bond them into one unit. Sweeping sand also comes in different grain sizes and colors. (see materials page for more details.)

Question: What is quilting?

Answer : Quilting is when series of patterns or a custom design run through the main pattern (field) of the project.(see anchor and compass rose at top of page) Again there are many design possibilities to make your project unique to your area.


*Question: Do we need a permit?

Answer : Brick pavers are considered a landscape item and therefore, many townships do not require permits or inspections. This can rapidly decrease the overall jobs length of time. If you are under a tight time frame, call us and set up an appointment with us to visit your home. I will try to get a plan established with you that will suit you need and taste. I will give you a run down of possibilities and selections of brick. Next you will pick out the materials and we will set up a delivery time. We will not have to wait out the permit process. We can get started right away. when the layout and excavation is done and an adequate base is established. As soon as the material arrives we can go right to work installing your project materials. When we are through, do to the fact that pavers have no setting time, your project is ready to be used. On small jobs we can literally be done with your job in couple of days from the time you call, depending on availability and weather. Usually we are done before you would have gotten a permit. That is a big plus when it saves you the homeowner money and cuts down on the time it takes for your project to be completed.


*Question: How can we afford this?

Answer : The question should be can we afford to use another material and make repairs later. With pavers you can make adjustments without unsightly patch work. That saves you money down the road. If there is no permitting process, that will save you time and money. There is no mark up on materials and considering Masonry & More's low installation prices you save alot of money. If you want to be sure, you can get estimates for concrete, stamped concrete, and pavers then call us and see what we can do for you. Can you afford not to take advantage of the value and beauty paving materials will bring you for years to come?

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